Ambiente enhances the value & character of any home, adding grace to edwardian villas, elegance to georgian manors & charm to victorian terraces throughout the
United Kingdom.

Undoubtedly Ambiente has all of the above attributes, there is however a further distinctive quality our shutters bestow on any home, and that is simply called style. Today’s generation of homeowners are in search of a clean soothing atmosphere, contemporary, less cluttered, yet sophisticated environment.

Ambiente emulates these aspirations. Inspired by the evocative architecture of Paris and Rome, and the local colour and atmosphere of the villages and towns of the Mediterranean, Ambiente is at the forefront of a new era in British interior design, whilst remaining faithful to the customs and values of traditional craftsmen. Ambiente shutters make a home more desirable not just in our estimation but from the view of a potential purchaser on the grounds of the self evident style. In addition to being virtually maintenance free and remaining beautiful for years to come, our bespoke Solid Hardwood shutters have many more benefits on a more practical level too, offering privacy, ventilation and insulation, tending to be warmer in winter and cooler in the summer months.

Available in a standard range of heritage colours, or if you prefer, colours can be matched to suit your existing decor.

Ambiente shutters become an integral part of the architecture, enhancing the characteristics so much so, once installed it’s hard to imagine a home without them.

Shutters are not a fashion, they are a lifestyle. As Coco Chanel said ‘ Fashions come and go, only style remains’.